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Kodama Gokujo Koi



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(1943 Year Mamoru Kodama was Born)

Breeder: Sakai Koi Farm Size: 22.05in (56cm) est.
Sex: Male Born in: 2015 ID:p0629s002

Gorgeous Stepped Pattern with the Outstanding Quality

The square shaped Hi plate on its face and the couple of Hi on the latter half give such a gorgeous impression on you! Odome Hi leaves moderate white skin at the end makes this Koi's refined impression as well. Its uniform hue is attractive crimson red.

Its fine grained Hi has distinguished quality and charm. Its sharp Hi Kiwa introduces a thick Hi layer, and the quality deserves our praise. The genuine white skin is even quality. It enhances this impressive Hi pattern quite well. Especially, the narrow white area of the trunk shows the fine quality of Hi and white skin.

This superior quality and the future promising body are the great characteristics of this Sakai Kohaku. Such a stepped pattern also predicts the marvelous future look.

Certificate of breeding available on request for $15.

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Price: $1,943.00

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Koi Code: P0629S002

22" Kohaku p0629s002