High Quality Japanese Koi Fish For Sale

 Gokujo is a special expression for the Japanese. 

We use Gokujo to describe the highest quality article, time and even a space.

Often we were requested for better quality koi than what we had on our website.In the past, these carefully raised Gokujo class of Koi have been introduced one by one, on request-basis off line. We are happy to have launched kodamagokujokoi.com because it now gives us the opportunity to offer you our Gokujo class of high quality koi fish online. Our family is committed to raising the best quality koi in the world and only select Japanese Koi from the Niigata region. 

We look forward to helping you find the perfect koi for your pond.  Enjoy Kodama’s Gokujo class Nishikigoi. 

The Taro

The Taro collection is another way to present

you the selection of high quality Koi for your pond.
Part 1        Part 2        Part 3

I would like to introduce to you a high quality koi from
Kodama Koi Farm that we are proud of.
 This is a great opportunity for you to obtain a potential
award winning Nishikigoi! 

— Taro Kodama —

o0817j Kohaku

24" Kohaku o0817j006

Price: $3,500.00
Sale Price: $915.00
o0714t003 Shiro Utsuri

25" Shiro Utsuri o0714t003

Price: $2,200.00
o0624j003 Showa

26" Showa o0624j003

Price: $3,500.00
o0817j Kohaku

22" Kohaku o0817j011

Price: $3,500.00
Sale Price: $915.00
o0712t017 Hajiro

22" Hajiro 0712t017

Price: $2,000.00
Kodama Gokujo Koi Kohaku

28" Dainichi Satsuki n0122t002

Price: $18,000.00
o0817j Kohaku

25" Kohaku o0817j028

Price: $3,500.00
Sale Price: $915.00
o0817j Kohaku

25" Kohaku o0817j022

Price: $3,500.00
Sale Price: $915.00

26" Showa o0606t002

Price: $12,000.00

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